Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Blues

  My birthday was Monday, April 22nd... Same day as Grandma Cornelio ( my mom's mom ) , Gabby Pahinui, Peter Frampton and a million other cool people.  Same exact day in 1956 ,  as Joy Reese, who was born the same day as me in Tripler Army Hospital (the big pink hospital on the hill ) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Didn't actually meet her until we met again in High School many years later in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Maybe I 'll attempt to find her on Facebook. April 22nd is my birthday and EARTH DAY !  It was a mellow day with a couple sushi and later a gig with big bro Art at Turtle Bay on the North Shore. Stopped by ADOBO, our friend Leo ' s restaurant in Wahiawa for some pork guisantes and chicken adobo on the way home. Filipino food can broke da Ono! I recommend the Adobo Restaurant....mmmmm good!
  Saw all my birthday wishes from friends on Facebook and attempted to LIKE them all. LOL mahalo nui, thank you , salamat po, arigato gozaimasu to everyone. Mahalo for supporting my music too.
   Anyway, all this year I thought I was already 57 and turning 58.... Must have been how I was feeling...  smiLe. Actually, I was a 1956 Chevy,  turquoise and white, like the one my dad had in Okinawa when we were kids at Sukiran Elementary School. I must have been a smart kid, doing 6th grade math in third grade. Well my adult math skills didn't figure my own age right, duh... And I am a 1957 Chevy with full blown pointy tail fins now. They ( the Beatles ) say its yer's my birthday too yea,'s official. I'm 57 years young.  Time to get my health, Telecasters and pedal board together... Shake dem Earth Day Blues ...write some groovin' songs too. Let there be inspiration!