Thursday, April 18, 2013


Aloha... I figured, why not just start anew RIGHT HERE!  Good idea!
  A lot has transpired in the art of real life since my noggin last did any bloggin'. Two laptops and a desk top computer along with an iPad and a few phones smarter than me have passed on to the scrap heap in the sky along with hundreds of songs and snippets of potentially brilliant writings...haha aka aka! Lost in cyber space. This new iPad 2 came along just in time to log an awakening in my creative process... I woke up and the writer's block was gone. I feel like writing songs and ideas are flowing. Unfortunately, if I don' write it down it fades away forever. Gotta take my own advice and write down everything that comes to mind. As I recall, that is how my first 40 songs came to be... Quickly, one after the other. Even snippets written at different times came together to be one good song. Way cool! Write it down, carry tape recorder, use the voice recorder on your phone or CALL YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE! Brilliant idea... Keep it and turn it into something wonderful. K den, I'm on a new journey...writing and someday even painting again. New music coming and a couple books I need to get back to writing. Two week cruise across the Pacific coming up. This new iPad is gonna get a lot of action! So, revisit the music at my website and I will point the way to new stuff I have posted since the last posts from a long, long time ago in a blog far, far away.... Enjoy life every minute.. ALOHA...don't leave home without it!