Sunday, April 21, 2013

PILIKIA in the Home Depot parking lot! LOL

Saturday was a total blast jammin'  with PILIKIA  for the Home Depot customer appreciation event... Big savings!  The music was awesome with Mark Yim at the helm, Alden Levi on bass, Casey Olsen on Hawaiian steel guitar, Dwight Kanae on guitar and Gordon Freitas playing his Pono ukulele. Remember,  Mark and Dwight used to play in the Peter Moon Band. In fact all these guys have performed all around the globe and played with EVERYBODY! Traditional Hawaiian to the hits from Kalapana to Peter Moon Band hits of course...  The  trio version of  PILIKIA (trouble) plays at the Charthouse in Waikiki every Friday from 6pm - 9. And again after swapping out a musician or two, from 9:30 to midnight - thirty.  Ono food!  Between 7:30 and 8pm you can see and hear the boom of fireworks across the parking lot. Not sure when I'm on... The crew gets rotated and I usually get called in when someone can't make it. Calamari, garlic chicken, spinach salad, pork chop...Way cool! I'm in.